what does love mean to you?

Meet the Meyer/Funk family from Minneapolis…one of the most awesome families EVER!

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Hello, thank you for visiting my website…I’m glad you’re here!   My name is Annie Gerber…I am a photographer.

The reason I have created this website, is to share beautiful stories of love and family. My wish is for everyone to be loved and accepted for being who they truly are without any labels or judgment…we love who we love, and no one should question that or tell us we’re wrong.

My intention is to slowly peel away the layers of identification that we have shrouded around ourselves and thrown on other people. We are meant to shine! What a beautiful world we can create if we allow religion, politics, stereotypes, and all labels to melt away.  Life is about coming together in LOVE.

I know that we all grew up with our own belief systems of morality and values. The series of social institutions, conventions, and regulations that we were taught cannot take root in our lives if we choose to live our lives on purpose. The truth cannot be ignored:  WE’RE NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER.  As we go through life with our hearts open, strangers who we once may have judged become our cherished friends.  I want everyone to feel and BE accepted.

I believe that ALL love is real and not limited to preconception or tradition.

I invite you to visit this website often with an open mind and open heart.